Finding Hope With Ketamine Treatment

Ketamine: A New Hope for Beating Depression

Imagine finding a new way to fight depression that works quickly, going right to the root of your problem. Mindfield Wellness’ ketamine treatment for depression offers a key to unlock new pathways in your brain, helping you heal from within. Ketamine isn’t like any other medicine; it’s a chance to start fresh, often providing relief when nothing else has worked for your depression. Let’s explore how this treatment can help you today:

Healing Starts Here

Ketamine gives us a fresh way to tackle depression, especially when other treatments haven’t helped: this is often called treatment-resistant depression. Working differently than other anit-depressant medications, ketamine targets specific areas in your brain to lift your mood quickly. Mindfield Wellness can offer you a brighter tomorrow.

Mindfield Wellness Psychiatric

Trust And Safety

When considering ketamine treatment for depression, your safety and trust comes first. This treatment has been extensively studied over 60 years, and our physicians, nurses and coaches at Mindfield Wellness support your journey every step of the way. Our patients find our ketamine treatment at Mindfield Wellness to be a safe and effective way to feel better – and the results offering quick relief speak for themselves. 

A New Perspective

Ketamine treatment is more than just a quick fix; it's a long-term solution for managing your mood disorder, and for many, this approach has the power to provide an immediate sense of hope and renewal. Through increased brain plasticity, ketamine treatment at Mindfield Wellness opens up new ways of seeing life and dealing with depression, offering not just a break from sadness but a step towards real healing. 

Support On Every Step

We at Mindfield Wellness support you fully as you use ketamine to beat depression. From the first chat to your follow-up care, we're with you all the way. It's not just about the treatment, it's about providing you with the tools and guidance to make the most of your experience, while helping you toward a brighter future.

First Session Steps

Take Back Control

Reclaiming control over your life is possible through Mindfield Wellness’ ketamine treatment for depression. Ketamine is a powerful step towards not just feeling better, but finding joy and peace again. With our team's support at Mindfield Wellness, you're not alone on this journey. Together, we can move towards healing and happiness.

Evaluating Outcomes

Understanding Side Effects

Ketamine treatment for depression may cause transient dizziness. This is usually mild and doesn’t last long. Mindfield Wellness’ nurses are trained to help you avoid or manage these common, mild side effects. Knowing what to expect and receiving our preparation and support helps you feel safe and cared for, and you will always be supervised during your Mindfield Wellness treatments.

Evaluating Outcomes

Your Path To Wellness

Your journey using ketamine to treat depression starts with us at Mindfield Wellness. Our caring team is ready to guide you through each step in your ketamine treatment, making sure you feel supported and hopeful. Let's walk this path together towards a happier life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ketamine?

Ketamine is a medication that has been shown to produce positive mental health outcomes when taken in a controlled setting. It is FDA approved as an anesthetic and is prescribed as a treatment for anxiety, depression, and a number of other mental health disorders.

To have your questions about ketamine answered, please contact us to book your consultation.

What health conditions can ketamine treat?

Ketamine, until recently most widely used as an anesthetic, is a breakthrough therapy for treating the
following mental health disorders:

  • Major depression/ Treatment Resistant Depression
  • Anxiety disorder
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Eating disorders
  • Post-partum depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Addiction disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

Studies can be found here.

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How is ketamine administered?

Mindfield Wellness delivers your ketamine dose intravenously as it provides the safest and most effective method of administration for treating psychiatric conditions.

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Can I continue taking my medication while using ketamine?

Yes. Ketamine can be given while taking most medications and it is expected that you will continue with your ongoing treatment. We recommend that you refrain from taking all stimulants and benzodiazepines the day of your treatment.

Our doctor will review your medical history and advise on any changes that may be needed before starting your ketamine treatment.

To have your questions about ketamine answered, please contact us to book your consultation.

Are there any side effects to ketamine?

In some patients, ketamine may have the following side effects:

  • Temporary increase in blood pressure
  • Temporary nausea or vomiting (we administer a medication to prevent this from happening)
  • A sense of impaired balance and coordination during the experience and for a short time afterward
  • A feeling of dizziness, drowsiness, slurred speech, and/or numbing sensation of the skin which will quickly pass as your experience is concluded

These side effects are normal, rarely require any medical intervention, and resolve soon after the infusion ends.

To have your questions about ketamine answered, please contact us to book your consultation.

What is the ideal timing between treatments?

Clinical research has shown that an initial course of six ketamine treatments over three weeks is optimal. After this initial course of treatment, you and your Clinician will develop an individualized treatment plan to best meet your continuing medical needs. This commonly begins with subsequent treatments spaced two weeks apart, as you continue to calibrate your response to treatment and work with your therapist. The duration of effect following each treatment differs in each individual, and those who experience benefits lasting several weeks or even months may choose to extend the timeline between treatments accordingly.

To have your questions about ketamine answered, please contact us to book your consultation.

What is the therapeutic experience like?

Ketamine can temporarily alter your perceptions. At the dosages provided by Mindfield Wellness, you may immediately experience mild reductions in pain, anxiety, and depression, in addition to the following:

  • Relaxation of ordinary concerns and usual mindset
  • A dream-like, floating or tingling feeling
  • Altered sense of time and space
  • Mild changes in perceptions of sound and sight
  • Disruption of negative feelings and rumination
  • Diminished or altered body sensations; some people may have an “out-of-body” experience, where the usual awareness of the physical body is reduced

Most clients find the ketamine experience pleasurable. The ketamine-assisted therapy journey may cause new thoughts and feelings to surface, presenting exciting, illuminating and challenging new perspectives. Working closely with your therapist during your ketamine therapy is imperative to reaching your wellness goals and is part of the process of healing.

To have your questions about ketamine answered, please contact us to book your consultation.

What makes the Mindfield Wellness at-home experience different?

At Mindfield Wellness we help prepare you for the optimal healing experience. The set and the setting of the experience is vital to assisting you in obtaining the most potential for growth.

Your at-home ketamine experience starts when a Mindfield nurse arrives at your location, most likely your home, where you will be most comfortable. You will need to provide a picture ID. Your ketamine experience will take place in what you consider to be a safe, quiet and private location in your home where you will not be interrupted. If there are children in the home, they should be cared for by a responsible adult in a separate location in or outside of your home for at least one hour and a half during your ketamine experience. Pets should be securely located in a separate location to your treatment area prior to the arrival of your nurse.

Our medical staff will prepare your IV and walk you through the stages of the experience.

You’ll be provided with an eye mask – we strongly recommend that you keep your eyes closed throughout the experience to maximize your relaxation.

Additionally, listening to music during your ketamine experience has been shown to make the experience more enjoyable. We have specially curated playlists for the experience or you may provide your own music. Our nurse can provide you with headphones and access to our playlists if you desire.

During the ketamine experience, our nurse will continuously monitor your heart rate and CO2 levels. Although ketamine therapy is proven to be very safe, our nurse is prepared for any emergency situation that may arise.

When the IV is finished, you’ll slowly start to feel your normal bodily sensations returning: you may feel like moving your feet and hands or
stretching. It’s important not to rush your re-awakening. Continue your relaxation until you regain your equilibrium. You may feel like discussing your experience with your nurse. Once you are up and mobile, you must refrain from driving, working with sharp objects or machinery as you would after having any anesthesia.

To have your questions about ketamine answered, please contact us to book your consultation.

Psychedelic safety and the Mindfield Wellness experience

At Mindfield Wellness, your safety is our top priority. To help us meet that commitment, Mindfield Wellness has put in place policies and protocols to protect our clients as they receive our IV ketamine

IV ketamine therapy offers strong potential to help individuals struggling with issues like depression, anxiety, trauma, and addiction. In research trials ketamine has been found to be safe from a human toxicology perspective and non-addictive.

All safety protocols will be explained to you as part of your initial interview, and all our services are in compliance with local, state and federal health regulations.

To have your questions about ketamine answered, please contact us to book your consultation.

Is ketamine therapy covered by health insurance?

Ketamine-assisted therapy is an innovation in mental health care, but because it is still new, it is presently an uninsured medical service for most patients. Your insurer may be able to partially reimburse you for the medical provider costs of your Mindfield Wellness experience. After your first consultation, you will be provided with a superbill detailing the costs of your treatment that you can send to your insurance provider.

To have your questions about ketamine answered, please contact us to book your consultation.

Do you offer payment plans?

We do not offer payment plans. We offer credit through Care Credit.


To have your questions about ketamine answered, please contact us to book your consultation.

Edward Bates


Ed Bates has enjoyed a thriving career in the arts & entertainment industry as a producer, writer, director, film distributor and educator.

In 2020, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Bates started a medical company, The Safe Set. The Safe Set designed and operated contact tracing programs for Netflix and Buzzfeed, and ran production mitigation programs and testing strategies for many other entertainment companies, allowing scores of film industry professionals to safely return to work.

When Covid vaccines became available at the end of 2020, Bates immediately devoted The Safe Set to vaccinations: The Safe Set vaccinated thousands of school children and underserved adults in Los Angeles County. For months, Bates’ company vaccinated the students and their families in L.A. Unified School District, Santa Monica & Malibu School Districts, numerous independent schools and operated his own vaccination clinic in South Los Angeles.

Bates has been interested for many years in the growing proof that psychedelic medicines show significant success in treating mental illness when combined with therapy. During 2020, a friend of Bates’ had become deeply depressed and had not been helped by any other therapies and that he had slipped into a hopeless state of suicidality. Bates was profoundly relieved when one day his friend called with an entirely new outlook and attitude of positivity towards his life: his friend told him that a series of ketamine infusions, along with therapy, had led to this miraculous change. That day, Bates’ journey to understanding the power of psychedelics to help patients with mental illness began, along with his mission to bring this powerful treatment to patients in need.